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Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Beauté de Luxxo offers regenerative cell therapy, NK cell therapy and DNA testing combined with skincare and supplement products as the ideal health & wellness solution for its consumers.

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Bringing you one of the best healthcare present today

For the last 200 years, mainstream and traditional methods of healthcare have been modern medicine, which is synthetic based and not designed to cure, but to control the symptoms of diseases. Moreover, prolonged use creates burden on the immune system and the overall body, leading to undesirable side effects and potentially more health issues.

Both World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Malaysia have confirmed a global epidemic of chronic and non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes; alongside with the significant rise of medical cost, which has imposed immense economic burden on the country. 

We come in this current medical climate to help raise awareness on the future of healthcare and wellness. Everything lies in regenerative therapy, where we can slow down the inevitable ageing process, boost the weak immune system and restore the functionality of organs.

As a society, we wish to achieve Healthy Aging. To do so, proactive and effective health measures need to be taken.

Leading health and wellness centre as well as skin clinic in KL, we like to offer the chance for this to happen before sickness strikes us all. We want to help every single person achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Our Objective

To provide the best healthcare for Healthy Aging that is personalized and sustainable for everyone.

Our Vision

To be one of Asia’s top reliable and professional high end one-stop advanced wellness centre.

Our Mission

To offer advanced, forward-thinking, scientifically proven and cost-effective therapies to help our clients to achieve their Healthy Aging goals​.

To create awareness on advanced wellness therapies and lifestyle interventions towards Healthy Aging​.

To remain trustworthy and ethical as a wellness provider.​

Our Core Values


Any form of advice or recommendations are done with client's best interest at heart. We truly value the faith and trust our clients place in us. Client confidence gives us the opportunity to never neglect and care for them, the best way possible.

Customer Service

Serving our clients with great customer service mean so much to us. We are willing to move mountains to ensure your fair expectations are met. We are always open to listen and attend to your needs and wants as that gives us the perfect opportunity to learn more about your health and how we can help.

Quality Care

We understand treatments or therapies requires serious efforts to ensure quality remains consistent and beneficial for clients. Attention to detail will be upheld to produce results that are correct based on processes that are conducted. By doing so, our clients get to learn the true qualities of their health with a wealth of knowledge at their disposal.


We place great emphasis in having modern day technology as part of our treatment for our clients. Everything is built with a focus towards ensuring great convenience and accuracy for our clients.

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