Rediscover Yourself
Through DNA

Once in a lifetime procedure to be the healthiest you.

39 Health Risk Reports


43 Carrier Risk Reports

19 Nutrient Needs Reports


9 Food Sensitivities Reports


19 Drug Sensitivities Reports


10 Well-being Reports

4 Fitness Reports

12 Skin Care Reports


40 Personality Traits Reports


10 Physical Traits Reports

Luxxo DNA Test Kit

Call this the perfect opportunity to switch on the good genes and switch off the bad genes by understanding insights of your well-being.

39 Health Risk Reports

43 Carrier Risk Reports

19 Nutrient Needs Reports

9 Food Sensitivities Reports

19 Drug Sensitivities Reports

10 Well-being Reports

4 Fitness Reports

12 Skin Care Reports

40 Personality Traits Reports

10 Physical Traits Reports

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Our DNA Test Will Reveal Essential Health Information

Personalized Nutrient Needs


Obesity Risk


Food Intolerance


Skin Health


Exercise Ability and Needs


Child Personality Traits


Child Learning Tendencies

Chronic Disease Risk

DNA Test Kit Malaysia

Our DNA Test Is Suitable For Everyone

Every Individual

Best to Know Your
Health Risks Today

Today’s a gift so let’s use it to our advantage. Understand your body’s genetic potential to make personalized lifestyle choices to benefit your future.

Every Family

Your Family
Matters Too

By understanding the risk profile of both husband and wife, you get to make accurate decisions towards a healthy family lifestyle.

Every Child

Discover Your
Child’s True Potential

An exciting journey to discover your child’s personality traits and learning tendencies where parents get to tap into their talents from young.

Activate our Luxxo DNA Test Kit which provides:

DNA Test Kit Malaysia

Step by Step Guidelines

Step 1 :

Purchase your DNA test kit

Step 2 :

Receive & register your kit with us

Step 3 :

Spit into the tube & mail the kit back to us

Step 4 :

Receive your reports within 30 days after we receive your DNA sample

Step 5 :

Book an appointment to receive health feedback

DNA Test Kit Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions

A DNA test enables you to discover what makes you unique. With reports like fat sensitivity and lactose intolerance, learn how your DNA can influence your diet and lifestyle. Your DNA can even give you insights on the likelihood to develop certain diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, gout and more. Through understanding our genetic makeup, we can make informed decisions on our external factors, such as dietary and lifestyle choices to switch on the good genes and switch off the bad ones.

DNA test is suitable for anyone from babies, adolescence to adults. It is suitable for parents who are curious on their child’s learning tendencies and personality traits. It is also suitable for anyone who is curious to understand how their DNA affects their family planning, nutrition and workout plans. This test only needs to be done once in your lifetime.

Your DNA genotyping results are based on thousands of published research articles. Genotyping looks at specific points in your DNA to identifies variations. Those variations can help us identify and associate it with important information on our health, genetic diseases, nutrition and traits.

We only need your saliva sample to analyse your DNA. DNA will be obtained from white blood cells and inner cheeks skin cells found in the saliva sample.

To send the saliva sample back, just follow the return instructions found in your DNA kit. Delivery is complimentary, just provide your pick-up address to the courier company and they will settle the rest.

We will notify you by email once your report is ready. The processing period will take roughly one month. Your report can be accessed from your password-protected account through our website.

Once you have accessed your reports on our website, you will be prompted to make an appointment for a consultation session. We highly encourage you to do it. Our nutrition and health advisor will provide easy actionable plans for you to implement in your daily life.

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Complementary Service

Personalized Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation

By joining this therapy, you are entitled for our complementary personalized nutritional & lifestyle consultation.

This helps us customize diets and nutrition according to your current lifestyle, health status, needs and wellness goals.

Our qualified and professionally trained dietitians & nutritionists will be present to assist you with this, specific to your wellness goals.

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DNA Test Kit Malaysia

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A team of qualified health & wellness professionals accredited by regulation and strict practices combined with vast experiences towards the best healthcare practices today.

Standardized operating procedures

With procedures conducted according to strict medical guidelines as accredited and certified under international medical bodies that ensure quality control across all processes.

1-1 complimentary consultation

Personalized consultation on health and wellness together with recommended solutions that are ideal towards health condition and current lifestyle.

Up-to-date medical knowledge

We offer the latest reports inclusive of future advancements that will be shared with existing clients. It is important for our clients to receive the latest reports that can further contribute towards overall health.

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DNA Test Malaysia

Luxxo DNA Test Kit

Once In A Lifetime Procedure To Be the Healthiest You!