Pristin MOPL


Pristin MOPL is the most absorbed Omega-3 ever with 6x better absorption than standard fish oil. The phospholipid form allows omega-3 to travel into the brain, eyes and skin easily.

Pack Size: 90+10 tablets

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RM228.00 RM168.00


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Product Benefits

Brain Health

Helps with brain growth especially for Alzheimer’s, Depression, ADHD, Anxiety and many more.

Heart Health

Helps in reducing cholesterol level while regulating blood clotting which limits the risk of heart attack.

Skin Health

Contains anti-inflammatory properties in reducing redness, irritation and swelling especially in treating psoriasis.

Eye Health

Contains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that protects eye health while assisting with dry eyes and allergy symptoms.

Active Ingredients

Omega-3 phospholipids helps better integrate cellular membranes across higher levels in organs such as brain, heart and liver

Ingredient Benefits

With 3 generation of Omega-3 Fish Oil consisting of DHA & EPA that enters and stay in the brain, eyes and skin with a purpose to protect and strengthen key organ areas.

Harvested from Norwegian Herring fish eggs which was led by the Arctic Nutrition in Norway.

For Pregnant Or Nursing Woman
A great supplement that supports fetal growth and development while assisting with maternal depression
For Senior Citizens
With an opportunity to help bring about greater health among senior citizens
Growing Children
Empowering children with better overall health in ensuring health needs are met

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